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Our Team

My name is Patricia Brönnimann, I was born in 1965. I’m living in Luzern. I have shared my life with several dogs so far: 2 Great Danes (both males, black and blue), 3 red English Cocker Spaniels and one female stray dog who chose to stay with me.

Today I share my life with two great dogs: Samira (2008), a brindled bitch who I got from animal welfare. She complete her final test as a search and rescue dog. The second dog is Siro (2000), my canine senior citizen, a Ridgeback – Tervueren cross with whom I also competed in several dog sports (BH III, LawH III, FH-97, KH). Being both mentally and physically fit for his age, he still gets all the attention that he needs – always tailored to his needs as a canine senior citizen.

I have been a SKG member for 32 years and an active member of REDOG for about 10 years.

I already fed my first dog on a fresh diet. But after the food industry had mixed my vegetable flakes with “meat” balls (commercial dog food was born!), it was just normal not to buy meat for your dog at your butcher’s anymore. But with this modern and much praised dog food, the problems for some of my dogs began.


I have been feeding entirely fresh food for almost 10 years now. I raised my puppy on a raw diet and improved my sick dog’s health by feeding him a fresh diet.

Feeding dogs turned into a passion of mine. It is very interesting for me to see how nutrition affects our life and how we can improve health by feeding fresh food. After having had my basic education in humane medicine and having worked for a well known specialist in dietary advice, my new passion then again turned into a new profession. I've successfully completed my training as a certified nutritionist at the Paracelsus School for Naturotherapy in Frankfurt.
At buon viando we are delighted to answer all your questions about feeding a raw diet - for free, naturally.

Distribution buon viando GmbH:
Patricia Brönnimann
031/711' 50'01 (Mo-Fr)
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ALP-registration-number CH 23173

Feeding advice:

Patricia Brönnimann
031/711'50'02 (Mo-Fr)
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