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Sa 10.3.2018 Wolfenschiessen
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Manufacturing & Company

The entire product range of buon viando – consisting of high-quality fresh and raw meat products for cats and dogs – is produced in an especially equipped butcher’s shop in Linden, Emmental.

Our excellent contacts to both slaughterhouses and meat processing companies guarantee that we always have access to fresh, raw materials for our own production.

Beef and veal is delivered by the headquarters of the meat wholesale business in Deisswil.

The goal-oriented planning of both purchases and production enables us to process the raw materials in the shortest possible way. We guarantee a complete cold chain for the storage and transportation of our raw materials.

  • 100% guaranteed Swiss meat (born and raised  in Switzerland) !       


  • Production

Production buon viando, 3673 Linden
ALP–registration number: CH-22927

A team of qualified butchers and experienced staff guarantees the professional and carful production of all our products. All production processes are carried out according to the principles of the Swiss Food Regulations.

  • The production: Lüthi und Portmann Fleischwaren AG

           (Suisse Garantie certified)

Lüthi & Portmann Fleischwaren has been successfully running a meat wholesale business for several years in Deisswil/Münchenbuchsee. In its newly built meat logistics centre, fresh meat is cut up, deboned, dressed and packed using the most modern equipment. Sixty employees process about eighty tones of fresh meat during the course of a week. In its cooperation with buon viando, Lüthi & Portmann Fleischwaren AG has found an environmentally sound way to make use of Swiss meat by-products.